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Time, accuracy and power consumption tradeoff in mobile malware detection systems

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Milosevic J., Ferrante A., Malek M.
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"In order to incorporate mobile malware detection into embedded systems and Internet of Things (IoT) the question of optimizing the tradeoff between detection accuracy, detection time and power consumption with respect to different application-specific goals and how it can be achieved, must be addressed as malware detection in real-time scenarios is an important and, furthermore, critical problem. To solve this problem, we first introduce a methodology based on multi-objective optimization, able to achieve customized detection solutions with respect to the mentioned requirements and application-specific goals. Then, we apply this methodology for developing a customized malware detection system to Android. We use this system also to discover the dependencies between its parameters, namely the monitoring period and detection algorithm parameters, and our optimization objectives, namely detection accuracy, detection time, and power consumption. Our results show that one of the most influential parameters in optimizing time, accuracy and power tradeoff, that is frequently neglected in related work, is a selection of a suitable monitoring interval. This selection must be accompanied by a carefully chosen set of suitable detection algorithm parameters to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of the detection system.
"Computers & Security"
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"Malware detection, Multi-objective optimization, Mobile systems, Power consumption, Detection time, Monitoring interval, Android"