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Ethics and Sharing Economy Platforms: A Pathway to Data-Driven and Peer-to-Peer Platform CSR

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Recent developments in global business gave rise to innovative forms of digital-exchange, facilitated by a new big data-based infrastructure – the sharing economy platform (SEP). SEPs are rapidly expanding, challenging the political-economic order and the classical division of work in society. Against the background of the current sustainability crisis, we discuss the increasingly momentous role of SEPs as a potential driver toward a more sustainable economy and society. Drawing on the theoretical lens of political CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) theory, we first outline how SEPs are applying institutional strategies to gain a competitive advantage, thereby shaping contexts in their favor and triggering an erosion of foundations of social sustainability. However, SEPs also strive for legitimacy by taking over novel social responsibilities via profound digital capacities. Thus SEPs carry the potential to contribute to a more sustainable future economy. Our chapter considers future pathways of platform CSR regimes and a democratization of SEPs building on political CSR theory.
New Economies for Sustainability: Limits and Potentials for Possible Futures. Ethical Economy (Studies in Economic Ethics and Philosophy)
Springer, Cham.
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