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“Part of Something Larger than Myself”: Lessons Learned From a Multidisciplinary, Multicultural, and Multilingual International Research Team of Academic Women

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Brown K. S., Farwell T. M., Bender S., Martinez-Suarez A. A., Boutelier S., Lambrechts A., Leonowicz-Bukała I., Larasatie P.
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Bringing our collective experiences of past collaborations through a virtual connection, we created an international research team of 16 multidiscipline, multicultural, and multilingual academic women called “COVID GAP” (Gendered Academic Productivity) to explore the ongoing challenges and effects of COVID-19. Identifying as insider researchers, we engaged in a two-phase, primarily qualitative research project to better understand the lived experiences of academics during the pandemic. Our past individual experiences with cooperative research informed our roles and responsibilities and how we organized and communicated. This article is a reflection of how COVID GAP has refined our collaborative process in response to an evolving comprehension of our own lessons learned including understanding the nature of cooperative research and that it takes time and effort. From our experience, we provide specific recommendations for group collaborations emphasizing the need to identify a team coordinator to organize efforts, the establishment of a safe and equitable working environment for all involved, and the explicit attention to building a network for research partnerships.
International Journal of Qualitative Methods
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academic women, authorship, collaboration, COVID-19, gender in higher education, qualitative inquiry, research collaboration, scholarship