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What will (and should) sustainable digital maturity look like in business ecosystems? A Delphi study on the best practices, barriers and regulation of digital transformation

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Petani F. J., Zaoui I., Kovalev S., Montagnon P.
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Digital transformation is a necessary condition for organisational survival and business success. The best performing organisations around the world adopt mature digital innovation strategies across functions and in every industry to compete through evolving products, services and organisational processes, pursuing new capabilities, resources and markets, via agile technologies and new business models. The capacity to capture business value through digital transformation involves managing a broad generative change in culture, corporate governance and executive leadership, across organisational dimensions. Entrepreneurs and organisations need to know more about which technologies, best practices and barriers will drive or hinder a sustainable digital maturity in the future of business ecosystems. A Delphi study is conducted with an international panel of experts from the academy, management consulting firms and industry leaders on how digital transformation might unfold and be regulated tomorrow, exploring ethical aspects of what sustainable digital maturity will (and should) look like.
International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business
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digital maturity and transformation; sustainability; Delphi study; best practices and barriers; regulation; business ethics; digital technology regulation; responsible innovation; business ecosystems; expert forecast.