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Mosè Cometta


I am an urban scholar interested in territorial governance. I deal with socio-political conflicts related to spatial justice and the right to the urban. In particular, my work focuses on the analysis of different territorial realities from the perspective of extended urbanisation and within the planetary urbanisation/ruralisation debate. 

Lately, I have focused on the urbanisation of wilderness, analyzing the creation and arguments behind Protected Areas projects, as well as other institutional discourses, to bring out their underlying social and territorial values and conceptions. In this context I have also dealt with pathologies of public debate as a symptom of unresolved social conflicts.

Coming from the study of political philosophy, I apply qualitative and interdisciplinary methodologies and perspectives, close to the spirit of Gramscian and Lukácsian analysis and critical theory. I specialise mainly in discourse analysis.

As part of my tasks at ISUP, I am also involved in organising training and debate events for doctoral students, the Accademia's doctoral school, supporting the Institute's projects and helping professors with funding applications.