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Deborah Barcella


Deborah Barcella is a doctoral candidate at the Institute of Media and Journalism (IMeG) and the coordinator of the Bachelor in Communication at Università della Svizzera italiana. Her doctoral research, supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF), is centered on the historical examination of the early years of the World Wide Web through CERN’s archives. She is particularly interested in how the Web was marketed and positioned to reach a broad audience instead of just a small subset of researchers inside high-energy physics research facilities.


She serves as a teaching assistant at IMeG for Social Media Management and Media History courses.


From February to August 2023, Deborah worked as a visiting student at  Schulich School of Business, York University (Canada), supervised by Prof. Markus Giesler. She is collaborating with Prof. Giesler on a historical project that examines the factors that led businesses like Google, Facebook, Apple, and FitBit to become interested in using data to predict and control consumer behavior as well as the various forms of capitalist surveillance that have influenced how users interact with the resulting platform.


She has a Bachelor of Science in Communication Sciences (2017) and a Master of Science in Marketing(2019).