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Comunicazione del sapere tra gli esperti e i responsabili delle decisioni nel campo del management



Eppler M.


Mengis J.



The role of specialized knowledge or expertise in managerial decision processes is ever more important, as these decisions tackle ever more with issues of complexity and uncertainty. The knowledge integration processes that need to take place between the experts and the decision makers in order to take better informed decisions, are far more complex than the simple transfer of information. The integration of knowledge by means of communication requires the conveying of insights, skills or experiences which cannot be communicated as easily as facts or figures.The project pursues the main research question of how experts communicate competence-based, decision-relevant knowledge (e.g. know-how, know-why) beyond the mere transport of information, which problems arise in doing so and how this type of communication can be improved between decision makers and specialists with regard to complex, knowledge-intensive issues. Moreover, the project investigates the role of the new media in this context.In a first step, the project aimed to crystallize the problem areas and key variables of knowledge communication between decision makers and experts. Having elaborated a conceptual framework, we then develop - together with our partners - criteria and best practices for this type of communication. On this basis, we evaluate and develop various interactive tools which aim to improve the quality of knowledge communication between experts and decision makers both for synchronous and asynchronous communication.

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42 Months
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Fondazione ricerca e sviluppo dell´USI
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