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Corboz Lab (MSTAA)


Bideau A.


Bernardi A.


Spagna M.


Zonca E.



The lab offers an introduction to the work of André Corboz (1928-2012), a historian from Geneva known for research that navigated between urbanism, architecture and visual art. From 1980 to 1994 Corboz held the chair of History of urbanism at the ETH Zurich. In 2014 AAM acquired his scientific papers, personal library and the collection of his own photography. The extensive Corboz estate forms part of the library’s ‘Collezioni d’autore’, serving as the basis for future and ongoing research such as the website and exhibition at the Theatre of Architecture in autumn 2022. As the first major survey of Corboz, the exhibition will also ask how, to this day, his approach to urban and rural territories remains relevant. After a presentation of the archive, its collections and the curatorial concept, Corboz Lab is involved with the preparation of the exhibition and website. Course participants will collaborate directly with the project team led by André Bideau.