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Software Engineering Research Seminar


The Software Engineering Research Seminar relies on active participation and a supportive community to help PhD students broaden their understanding of software engineering research by sharing their different research experiences and perspectives. This seminar is an opportunity to become familiar with seminal papers and current research topics, methods, tools, and trends in software engineering, both at USI and world-wide.

Learning objectives: become familiar with a broad range of key research results in the area of software engineering; know how to read (and write) papers in the area; be critical of existing work by discussing limitations and potential improvements; practice and improve your presentation skills; experience useful software engineering tools.

Seminar structure: Professors will give an overview of different software engineering sub-disciplines and their ongoing research activities. Each student will be asked to study a number of papers from the software engineering literature and tools from the software engineering state of the practice, review them, present a summary/tutorial to the others and moderate the ensuing discussion.



Bavota G.

Course director

Hauswirth M.

Course director

Jazayeri M.

Course director

Lanza M.

Course director

Pautasso C.

Course director

Pezzè M.

Course director

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Academic year
PhD programme of the Faculty of Informatics, PhD course, 1st and 2nd year