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Field project


Fiordelli M.

Course director

Schulz P. J.

Course director


As part of their study curriculum, second-year students undertake a field project for a company, a non-profit association or any other organization in the health sector. It is a three-month consultancy project conducted by a team of three to four international students from the Master of Science in Communication, Management and Health, who apply their theoretical knowledge and skills in communication, management and marketing acquired in the Master’s programme to real practical situations in a professional environment. Examples of projects include market or competitive analysis, product positioning, feasibility study, evaluation of health campaign, consumer satisfaction study. Students are under the supervision of the Director of the Master’s programme and the Master’s External Relations and Partnership Manager, who provide guidance to manage contacts with the client organization, develop the project and prepare the final report and presentation to the organization. Students’ evaluation is based on the quality of the final report, client satisfaction and team collaboration.