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Contemporary Art


Tescari V.

Course director

Emelianova I.



The course will consider the main contexts and personalities in the realm of the visual arts, from painting to sculpture, from photography to cinema, from installation to video art. Considering art in its broadest and most complex sense of “artistic thought”, the oeuvres will also be explored above all from the point of view of their conceptual genesis and their possible modes of fruition and interpretation. Alongside the vision and analysis of the various types of works, the course will introduce students to the artists’ writings and to the critical apparatus of some of the major contemporary thinkers. Reference texts will be provided during the course.


The course offers an introduction to the main forms of artistic expression and reflection of the 20th and 21st centuries, following an interdisciplinary and comparative approach that will focus on artists and works, going through the expressive gesture in direct dialogue with theoretical and critical meditation.

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