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Business Analytics


Pieper J.

Course director


The course explores why and how businesses can create value with data. 


The course objective is to familiarize students with why and  how businesses can create value with data. Based on understanding six basic areas for data-driven business insights (i.e., 1. better decisions; 2. better understanding customers; 3. better services; 4. better products; 5. better processes; 6. monetizing data), students learn to think in terms of data use cases. Specifically, students learn to break down the process of creating value with data into a structured sequence of actionable steps. These steps can be applied across all industries and all kinds of businesses, ranging from small "quick wins" to majorly transformational initiatives.   

Teaching mode

In presence

Learning methods

Classes will alternate between the introduction of theoretical material, in-class exercises and case discussions. Students' class attendance must be at least 80%.

Examination information

Final exam (50%), group presentation (50%)