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Building indicators for researchers´ mobility based on electronic Curriculum Vitae (Euro-CV)



Lepori B.



The lack of indicators for researchers´ mobility is as well-known as is the strenuous demand for a policy on such indicators, particularly within the European Research Area construction strategy. Despite considerable recent efforts, little progress has been made in this area. The main objective of this project is to collectively explore the possibilities of using researchers¿ curriculum vitae (CVs) in electronic form as a way to cope with the lack of data. Efforts are being made in several European countries, but no coordinated international action has yet been undertaken. Building on recent international experiences to standardize and use CVs for research evaluation purposes, we have reason to believe that using them as a data source has great potential for improving research policies in the European Research Area through the development of new indicators and analyses that would complement those obtained from other sources The EURO-CV project has two main overall objectives: First, to systematically take stock of and analyse worldwide efforts intended to both build CV databases and exploit researchers´ CVs as a source of information for research evaluation and policy-making. Second, to build on this up-to-date knowledge in order to look into the feasibility of CV-based indicator development in Europe to study researchers´ mobility patterns and the mobility effects.

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Start date
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12 Months
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European Commission
European and International Programmes / Framework Programme 4 / Collaborative projects