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DIGITCHART - Governing the Commons: Building a Digital Archive of Community Charters from the 13th to the 19th Century in Ticino



Vatiero M.


External participants

Lisciandra Maurizio



This project aims to digitalize and openly disseminate Ticino’s local community charters from the 13th to 19th Century via an online archive, collaboratively developed with ASTi and BUL to ensure technical excellence. These charters, entrenched in customary law and guiding the management and distribution of collective resources, possess immense historical and academic importance, offering insights into the aspects of resource governance and societal sustainability. Yet, their very existence, role, and evolution remain inadequately known. Our main objective is to set the stage for a digital archive that, once operational, will foster:

  • Scholarly exploration, deepening academic investigations into the self-governance practices of commons by Ticino communities.
  • Cultural enrichment and awareness for local communities and citizens, offering insights into their historical heritage.
  • Institutional guidance, assisting municipal, Cantonal, and Federal entities, including Patriziati, in refining their current management strategies for natural resources, thereby enhancing their efficacy and championing a more sustainable and equitable approach.

This initiative, a follow-up to a 2022 SNSF-funded project, also intends to engage both citizens and institutions in the effort to complete the documentation, making this a community-driven project. Crucial to this endeavor is the development of proficiency in OS, ORD, and Citizen Science strategies by a dedicated project associate.

Additional information

Start date
End date
18 Months
External partners
LUMSA (Italy), ASTi
USI Internal calls / Projects on OS and ORD