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The demand for school meals: an analysis of stated choices by Swiss households

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Working paper
In this paper we investigate households' demand for school meals using a stated preferences approach. Data are collected through phone-structured interviews to 905 residents with children in the German-speaking region of Switzerland during 2007. A Poisson model with random effects is used to explore factors affecting the demand for meals at school. The results show that meals price, household income, satisfaction with the current childcare service, family composition, and the area of residence significantly affect the number of school meals demanded. We estimate that the willingness to pay for a school meal is about 11.60 Swiss francs and does not depend on household income.
Quaderno N. 12-04, Facoltà di Scienze economiche, Università della Svizzera italiana
Demand ; School meals service; Panel count data; Poisson regression; Random effects; Willingness to pay