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Corporate Communication Research Methods


The profession of corporate communication is increasingly research based and involves often the reliance on evidence for strategic communication planning, the use of data as intelligence for the interaction with stakeholders, and the measurement of communication efforts.

The course will propose an overview on the research process and outline how to reflectively move between the definition of a research question, the design of a study, data analysis, and reporting. First, it provides a generic understanding of the quantitative and qualitative methods most commonly used in business research today, such as survey, focus group, and interview-based studies. It then draws particular attention to communication sensitive methods, such as analysis of both verbal and visual texts and of real-life interactions.

Together, the course provides the methodological skills and tools helping a) to design and carry out research independently, and b) to understand and critically reflect upon existing data and research.


  • Classwork and class participation (30%)
  • Final written exam (70%)

Course book:

Easterby-Smith, M., Thorpe, R., & Jackson, P. R. (2015/2018). Management & Business research. Sage.



Mengis J.

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Zamparini A.

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