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Usability and Digital Analytics


Marchiori E.

Docente titolare del corso

Noris A.



The course deals with the relationship between hypermedia products (e.g.: websites, mobile apps) and their users, analyzing effectiveness/efficiency/user satisfaction: usability, as well as actual usages: digital analytics. Usability will be approached taking into account both expert inspections as well as user testing, dealing in particular with such tools as heuristics and user scenarios. Also eye-tracking techniques will be presented and discussed. Digital analytics will consider several online communication outlets, ranging from websites and mobile apps to Facebook pages/groups, videos, Twitter, newsletters etc. The course will also present a holistic model, encompassing both usability and analytics, called UsERA, and based on Austin’s model of communication.

Assessment: the assessment will be undertaken in a form of individual project (30%) and a written exam (70%).

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