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The module Homeostasis aims to transmit essential clinical knowledge in the nephrological and pneumological fields. The two specialties have been merged with the term Homeostasis as the two organs play a fundamental role in maintaining the steady state and in regulating the acid-base balance. Electrolyte related disorders will also be treated in depth. The role of the kidneys and lungs in managing the complex interface between the human body and the environment, the presence of immunological diseases affecting both organs as well as the proximity of both specialties to the activity of the general practitioner, have been additional elements in favour of the joint venture.

Guided by clinical practice, we will discuss widely, lung and kidney diseases, arterial hypertension, as well as electrolyte disturbances and acid-base balance. The proposed teaching events, have been grouped in multi- and mono-disciplinary frontal lessons, workshops with instrumental and laboratory activities, and discussions of clinical cases, and will be proposed by pneumologists and nephrologists, with a variable profile of activity in the specialty and in general internal medicine, by thoracic surgeons, oncologists, pathologists, radiologists and clinical ethics specialists. During the clinical days, it will be possible to participate in the assessment and treatment of current pneumological and nephrological hospitalized patients, as well as in the outpatient activities of the specialists involved.

With the aim to encourage learning by exploiting interactive methods and the flipped classroom modality, students will present some of the clinical cases collected during the clinical activity, during the dedicated lessons. We are ready to share the enthusiasm, which drives us!

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