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Public health


Public Health and Evidence-Based Medicine is a transversal module, which combines frontal lectures and highly interactive online practical activities. This module aims to provide a broad overview of the core concepts, principles, methods, practices, realms, applications, and challenges of modern public health disciplines. The course also focuses on the integration of evidence-based medicine (EBM) in clinical practice, and on how to use EBM in day-to-day typical scenarios that face clinicians today. While public health focuses on health at the population level, in this module, we will introduce public health approaches through the lenses of the clinical perspective and integrated with the clinical modules. Topics will range from health promotion, social and health insurance, to health in the workplace and environmental impacts on health and disease. Students will learn why epidemiology, the cornerstone of public health, and the practice of evidence-based medicine, the indispensable companion of clinical practice, matter for future clinicians.


The Ethics transversal module deals with some of the big moral questions in healthcare and focuses on the "why" of clinical decision-making from an ethical perspective. Should it always be a crime for a physician to practice euthanasia? When can a patient’s right to self-determination be overridden? How should resources be distributed? Frontal lectures, discussions, readings, videos and podcasts will help students to obtain the knowledge, skills, attitudes and capacity for reflection that are necessary to make good decisions and establish trustful relationships with patients, their close ones, and fellow professionals. Students will learn to reflect on the criteria guiding different clinical decisions based on core elements of moral philosophy and the normative landscape where they find application. Case studies from everyday professional practice will elucidate theory to foster students’ engagement with the ethical dimensions of delivering care and their understanding of the ethical implications of rapid biomedical advances.

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