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ODSCOMS - Open Data Strategy for the USI Journal SComS



Lobinger K.


Picco Schwendener A.


Lucchesi F.



The main aim of this project is to create an Open Data Policy for the USI Platinum Open Access journal Studies in Communication Sciences (SComS). We provide benchmark analyses of existing data repositories and Open Data Policies that are considered best practices and provide detailed guidelines and training activities for SComS authors and USI scholars. Finally, we will develop an integration tool for USI’s repository SUSI to give visibility to research by USI scholars published in SComS. We will approach this project acknowledging the importance of Open Science and the current developments while at the same time critically assessing ethical and legal implications. The project is based on a collaboration of scholars from the Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society, USI Libraries, CCDigitalLaw and eLab. External collaborations with the Board of the Swiss Association of Communication and Media Research (SGKM) and the Editorial Team of SComS support the suggested activities.

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Data d'inizio
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12 Mesi
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UniZH, UniFR
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USI Internal calls / Projects on OS and ORD