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Nicola Navone


Nicola Navone (Lugano, 1967) architect (ETH Zurich) and PhD (Université Paris Saclay) is Deputy Director of the Archivio del Moderno. He teaches at the Accademia di architettura di Mendrisio, Università della Svizzera italiana, and is a member of the Collegio di Dottorato (PhD) "Architecture. Innovation and Heritage", Università degli Studi di Roma Tre. His research focuses on three subjects: the reconstruction and analysis of networks of family and professional relationships of Ticinese architects, viewed in different geographical contexts and historical periods, from the professional beginnings of Domenico Fontana to the family origins of Francesco Borromini, down to the interactions between Ticinese architects and craftsmen working in Russia; the role of architects and craftsmen from Ticino in transferring and disseminating Italian architectural culture in Russia from the early eighteenth century until the mid-nineteenth century, a subject area to which he has devoted numerous publications; the crystallization of a contemporary, internationally recognized Ticinese architecture, a subject which is the focus of his courses at the Accademia di Architettura, his work as a visiting professor at the Università IUAV in Venice (March-May 2013) and the SNF research project "Architecture in Canton Ticino, 1945-1980" (2017-2019, extended to 2021) .

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