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The module called Circulation deepens the area related to the heart, large vessels and peripheral circulation. 3 of the total 4 weeks of this module are dedicated to the cardiac area and are divided according to the leading symptoms. The first week deals with pathologies that mainly manifest as chest pain. In the second week, the focus is on heart diseases that cause breathlessness (dyspnea), while in the third week, under the palpitation cap, the different cardiac arrhythmias are reviewed. During the last week, the different circulatory pathologies are discussed, both of the arterial (claudication) and of the venous axis (thrombosis). During the course of the module, students have the opportunity to confront the most frequent pathologies affecting the cardiovascular area, to see and visit patients who are affected and to prepare cases that they will present to their colleagues. Furthermore, there are 3 hours of group lessons on the electrocardiogram, 4 hours on cardiovascular diagnostic techniques and 1 hour of e-health in cardiology (telemedicine and virtual cardiology). The last hour of the week is dedicated to assessment, on one hand to take stock of what students learned during the week and on the other hand to collect feedback from the students’ experiences.

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